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Jack LaLanne’s Team Honors My Dad! “Health Fitness Role Model Gladiator Fit in 50’s!”

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 Jack LaLanne’s Team Features & Honors my Dad, “Health & Fitness Role Model Gladitor Fit in 50s!” 
Honored My Dad Health & Fitness Icon Dan Zimmerman, was just Honorably Featured on Jack LaLanne’s Site as “Dan Zimmerman Health & Fitness Role Model! Gladiator Fit in 50’s!” Dan Zimmerman is a 80s TV Best Body on the Beach Champion, Top Natural Bodybuilding Champion in 80’s winning several titles & very well respected for being all Natural & looking like a Gladitor. Dan Zimmerman returned to Competition Stage & took it by storm Feb 2011, his Bodybuilding return to stage after 24 yrs! Competing so his children Shawn Rene & Isaac could see him rock the stage! Competing in National Natural Masters Men 50 & over, taking runner up. He was a clear croud favorite with his Stage Pressence, Stand Out Gladitor Physique & Gladiator themed routine with Gold Sword! He Rocked the Stage, making you feel like you were whisked away in a Hollywood Gladitor Movie. A huge factor Dan Zimmerman, is very proud of & is very respected for, is he has always been & always will be All Natural. He is a significant Role Model to youth & people of all ages to be Natural & have Health & Fitness as a Life style for a Quality Life for Life! Superior Fitness comes with Strong work ethic, Training Hard & Smart & Superior Sports Nutrition. He is a role model to youth as well as young adults, proof, that with Superior Health & Fitness, Sports Nutrition you can be like a fine wine & get better with time! Health & Fitness is the Fountain of Youth & Increases Quality of Life & Health!
Shawn Rene’s Note on her father: “My Dad is my Role Model Inside & Out! He is a very successful Business Man by Profession & Health & Fitness Role Model. He has taught be so much about working hard, drive, passion, goals & success. With Vision, Hard Work, Determination, Drive, Passion, Goals can be reached & Victorys made. My Dad is the most amazing man inside & out, I am very blessed to have him as such a wonderful father! My Mother & Father are such a amazing team & love them so much! Incorporate Fitness with your Family to share Health & Fitness with Your Family for Life!”
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Dan Zimmerman Family Island Vacation Zimmerman Fitness Family Working out in Gym Together in Aruba! January & Feb 2011
Dan Zimmerman Rocking Aruba Beach Representing Health & Fitness!
Family Island Vacation Jan & Feb 2011


Shawn Rene’s Mother & Father Famiy Island Vacation
January & Feb 201
Family Isalnd Vacation January & Feb 2011 Zimmerman Fitness Family Working Out Together!


Shawn Rene’s Mother & Father Family Island Vacation Jan&Feb 2011

Shawn Rene Working Out in Aruba! Zimmerman Family Island Vacation January & Feb 2011
Family Island Vacation January & Feb 2011
Shawn Rene’s brother, Isaac, “Blonde Bomber” Super Athlete Soccer Star, Recently has caught the eyes of NY Fitness Modeling Agencies
Tierra Del Sol Country Club Golf & Spa Resort
Family Island Vacation January & Feb 2011


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Feb 2011 Dan Zimmeraman National Natural Bodybuilding Show
Rocking the Stage Gladiator Style! Gladiator Super Fit in 50’s!